Sebring Holiness Campmeeting

Sebring, Ohio - July 13-23, 2017

President's Message

Rev. Chuck Nutt, Camp President
Dear friend,

As you read this today (Thanksgiving Day 2015), Beth and I are blessed to be making memories with our daughter Rachel’s family and our son-in-law Nathan’s extended family here in Pennsylvania.  Of course, the best part is being with two of our four grandchildren, Thomas and Abby!

I hope you are blessed to be making memories today with family and loved ones.  We all know that turkey, football, and even Beth’s pumpkin pie (the other two really don’t come close to the pie) pale in comparison to the opportunity to be with those we love.

As you might guess (since this is a Sebring Camp e-newsletter), I am also thinking of Sebring Camp memoriestoday.  A trip to the online Sebring Camp Memorial Wallalways opens my memory bank.  The long list there of Sebring Camp friends that have been “promoted to glory” (as they say in The Salvation Army) is a parade of faces that I have known across more than 50 years now.  I can see the smile of Bill Albert, hear the singing of Edith Gallagher, feel the firm handshake of Dick Davis once again.

I remember a quiet, unassuming couple—Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lang.  Walter was on the Board when I was a child and teen.  They owned a cottage that sat near the girls’ dorm, which has since been moved.  It is owned by Sally Howard now.  I remember their smiles as they came through the dining hall line.  Mrs. Lang (if someone can help me with her first name, I would appreciate it!) always liked a lot of cream in her coffee.  There are so many more I could tell you about.

When you have quiet moment this holiday weekend, I’d like to ask you to take your own stroll down Sebring Camp’s Memory Lane.  When you do, let me suggest three ways you can help improve the Memorial Wall and make it more complete:

  • If you know of a deceased friend of Sebring Camp that is not listed, please email their name, and if possible their birth and death dates, to me –
  • If you have the birth and dates for the any of the individuals listed, please email them to me –
  • Consider making a gift (of any amount, $25 is a suggested minimum) in memory of a Sebring Camp friend or loved one.  You can do that here: Sebring Camp Online Giving.  If you do, please email me – – the name of the person you have made the gift in memory of, and I will add your name to the list of that person’s Memorial Gifts. Of course, you can also send your gift to Sebring Camp Meeting, P. O. Box 97, Sebring, OH  44672. 

Thanks for spending these moments thinking about Sebring Camp with me.  You are one more person I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.  Thanks for being a part of Sebring Camp, for your prayers, labors, and gifts in support of the Camp.
May God bless you.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
See you at Camp Meeting time!

Charles Nutt, President
Sebring Interdenominational Holiness Camp Meeting
17265 Susquehanna Trail
New Freedom, PA  17349